Post Conference Kayaking- $25 / 2 hours


Newport Aquatic Center 1 Whitecliffs Dr, Newport Beach



Kayaking is a great way to learn about the marine habitat up close and in person and with little impact on the environment. Cruise over the mudflats and see crabs scurry along the banks. Keep a keen eye and you might see a stingray gliding along the bottom. Starting in October, birds from Alaska and Canada will start on their migration south to Central and South America giving kayakers the opportunity to see some rare species. Upper Newport Bay, also called the "Back Bay", is an ecological reserve and nature preserve, offering a protected space for many kinds of plants and wildlife. Enjoy your time on the water, learning to love Newport Bay. 

Meet our team of volunteers at the Newport Aquatic Center located at 1 Whitecliffs Dr, Newport Beach. Our team will be led by one of the Newport Bay Conservancy's certified Naturalists and they will help escort you through the Bay showing you points of interest and sharing information about the natural history and ecology of Upper Newport Bay. 

Be prepared to get wet from the knees down. Recommended footwear are water-shoes, sandals, or old tennis shoes, however you can opt to go barefoot if preferred. All guests are asked to wear family friendly, athletic apparel comfortable for outdoor activities. Layers are best as weather can change throughout the tour, and a dry change of clothes is a nice thing to bring just in case. 

Recommendations on clothing for men include basketball shorts, board shorts, or athletic pants, and t-shirts. Recommendations for women include athletic shorts, yoga pants, leggings, or outdoor quick-dry pants, and t-shirts. Remember to wear sunscreen or cover up if you are prone to sunburn, and wear hats and sunglasses for extra comfort on the water. 

Snacks and reusable water bottles or a small pack can be brought along, however please pack out whatever trash items you may have. Electronics, phones, cameras and jewelry are not recommended to be used while on the tour as salt and water can damage these items, so use at your own risk. Newport Bay Conservancy will not cover the loss or damage of such items. 

All equipment is provided including a life vest (PFD) that every guest is required to wear. A short safety and paddling instruction will be given at the beginning of the tour by your lead Naturalist. All guests should be fit and able to haul their boat to and from the water, paddle, and be able to swim if need be. If you have any concerns about your abilities, please email upon registration and let your kayak team know upon arrival of your concerns. 

Lastly, HAVE FUN! Ask questions, and enjoy a lovely day at Newport Bay.