Societal Benefits of Managing Facility Cost of Ownership


Garden 1

  • Primary Core Competencies: Design of Educational Facilities
  • AIA CEU: 1. 0 LU
  • Secondary Core Competencies: Educational Visioning


Learn how managing facility total cost of ownership (TCO) can positively impact society. Preserving funds for education, preserving resources, saving energy, reducing carbon footprints, reducing landfill impact and facility equality are a few ways TCO management can benefit society. Case studies with proven results will be provided. Attendees will learn how to build an Excel template to manage TCO.

Learning Objectives

OBJ #1  Components of TCO.

OBJ #2  Estimating TCO on a regional basis.

OBJ #3  Preserving resources and education funding with TCO management

OBJ #4  Improving facility equity with TCO.

Monte Hunter, Principal, Parkhill Smith & Cooper