Co-creation: What does it mean and how can we leverage it to plan and design better schools?


North Tower - 1st Floor - Garden 4

  • Primary Core Competencies: Community Engagement
  • AIA CEU: 1. 0 LU
  • Secondary Core Competencies: Educational Facility Pre-Design Planning


For more than a decade co-creation has been pushing innovation in the private sector by seeking to understand users’ experiences before partnering with those same users to accelerate innovation, shift paradigms, and cultivate buy-in. This presentation will take a closer look at the principles of co-creation within the framework of school planning and design with an emphasis on the end-user. Attendees will explore a renewed process that seeks to recast expectations and put the needs of learners, educators, and the community at the forefront of process. Presenters will share lessons learned from projects in which students, educators, and members of communities were involved in developing new, innovative, shared outcomes leading to pioneering solutions in the communities they serve.

Learning Objectives

OBJ #1  Understand what is meant by “co-creation.”

OBJ #2  Understand the guiding principles of co-creation within the framework of school planning and design.

OBJ #3  Examine case-studies to understand when co-creation is applicable.

OBJ #4  Develop new strategies for collaboration and facilitation.

Bill Bradley, PhD, AIA, Senior Associate, Stantec

Camilo Bearman, AIA, Senior Associate, Stantec

Derk Jeffrey, AIA, LEED AP, Senior Principal, Stantec