School Safety: What Can Schools Learn from America’s Busiest Airports

In airports, heading off small and large security threats while easing the experience for tens of thousands of passengers in a complex environment, aviation designers are charged with leading the continual evolution of public safety. Passengers demand seamless measures that don’t further intrude on the stressful travel experience. Similarly, schools face a growing responsibility to address heightened security issues while providing solutions that are all but invisible and preserve a welcoming, nurturing campus community. Corgan’s Education studio have partnered with the designers of the nation’s busiest airports in compiling best practices / future trends that can be expected and implemented in school setting. Design considerations will prioritize the mental, physical and emotional health of the occupants, providing security without compromising the educational environment.


Associate Principal, Los Angeles Studio Leader
Corgan Aviation

Beverly Fornof
Senior Associate, Project Manager
Corgan Education


OBJ #1  Discuss what schools can learn from airport security design.

OBJ #2  Explore ways to incorporate seamless, unobtrusive security design measures, prioritizing the mental, physical and emotional health of the occupants

OBJ #3  Hear testimonials from various aviation and education clients on their challenges and ideas for the future of security implementation.

OBJ #4  Come away with a set of tools and discussion strategies to bring to the table during the visioning and design of educational facilities.