Lakeshore Learning Materials


At Lakeshore, we believe in creating materials that matter. Our innovative furniture and hands-on learning materials are designed to support the needs of students and educators—while meeting the highest standards of quality, durability, and value. Developed by teachers for teachers, our products are meticulously crafted to help students reach developmental and academic milestones that put them on a path of lifelong success.
Our decades-long experience with furniture design and manufacturing has culminated in the development of Flex-Space Furniture for 21st-Century Learning! Our most versatile furniture line lets educators arrange flexible spaces that fluidly change throughout the day—supporting a wide variety of independent and cooperative learning activities while giving students choices about how they learn best.
Lakeshore also offers Complete Classrooms®—the fast and simple solution for new or expanding classrooms. Meet with us to assess your needs and we’ll deliver the materials, unload the boxes, assemble the furniture, set up the classroom…even take care of clean-up!
Complete Classrooms® are orders of $10K or more that ship to a single location in the contiguous U.S.