Colbi Technologies Inc.

Colbi Technologies provides software and support solutions that help districts manage their building programs well. Our team focuses on supporting you with internal controls and informed decision- making. Over the past 16 years, Colbi Technologies continues to develop software tools that aid both the facilities and fiscal services teams in effectively and efficiently managing their capital building programs. Our flagship program - Account-Ability - is a software designed by school district people to work the way you do. The program is designed to track and manage Multi-year, Multi-fund, Multi-project as a whole program. Account-Ability produces amazing reports that integrate both accounting and facilities spreadsheets into one reporting system - they work together rather than having multiple spreadsheets! Other highly effective programs include: ColbiDocs which is a cloud-based document processing and storage program that manages all the activities that occur in the construction trailer, such as: Automated routing, Document history, and Storage & retrieval. Quality Bidders provides a quick and easy web-based tool that scores and pre-qualifies contractors to work on public works construction projects. The services are free to contractor — attracts largest pool of qualified contractors for district projects. Highlights include: Districts view questionnaires, required documentation, and automated scoring on-line to quickly qualify or disqualify bidders; Dashboards provide quick review of qualified contractor pools by license — easily notify pre-qualified bidders of upcoming projects Automated email notifications keep pre-qualifications current; Augmented staff services to review financials, review submitted documents, and conduct reference checks Colbi employees love to get stuff done. They are humble, gracious, resourceful problem solvers, and highly motivated to walk in the shoes of our clients to not only gain their perspective, but to continuously learn how to improve the process and tools for each member of the client’s team and Colbi user teams. Colbi employees are always helpful as they focus on finding solutions and aid our clients in using their genius. Our employees are active listeners that have disciplined thoughts and actions that allow clarity to surface in order to identify the real issues. Colbi retains highly competent people that quickly learn, take direction, and have the ability to clearly think through a challenger before offering solutions. Colbi has created a culture for people who thrive in finding value through being helpful and possess a deep sense of humility. All Colbi employees share the deep-rooted principle that we treat our client’s money as our own. Colbi employees are stewards of both time and talents to increase the value of the services we provide to our clients.